Products Applications

Hydrogen Rich Gas Drying
Reformer Recycle Gas Drying
Hydro-cracker Gas Drying
Inert Gas Ammonia Removal
Low Pressure Air Drying
Cracked Gas Drying (Olefin Drying)
Recycle Gas Sweetening Air Plant Feed Drying and CO2 Removal
Neutral Gas Drying
Natural Gas H2S Removal
Natural Gas Mercaptan Removal
Natural Gas CO2 Removal
LNG Plant Feed Pretreatment (H20,CO2,H2S,mercaptan removal)
Hydrocarbon Separation
Liquid Drying (Jet Fuel, Kerosene, Haxane, Benzene, Alkytation Feed, Cyclohaxane, Ethylene,Proplene,Methanol, Etha nol, isopropanol, etc.)
LPG Sweetening (H2S and mercaptan removal)
PU Systems
Insulating Glass
Supplement Animal Feed.

The industries that deploy Zeolites aka molecular sieves are as follows:

Steel Industries
Petrochemical Industries
Fertilizer Industries
Cryogenic Air Separation Units
Pharmaceutical ( Bulk Drug )
Paint Processing
Insulating Glass Industries
Polyurethane Process
Switchgear ( High voltage )
Animal Feed.

This indicates that molecular sieve is an essential product that helps in production. Zeolites Tech, that is us takes pride in supplying quality zeolites at affordable rates to the industries in India.

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Applications Overview

Molecular Sieves have found an inroad into various industries. There is hardly any sector where this versatile and valuable product is not used. The table given below will give a clear idea of how well placed the product is.

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